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Toothless Pictures is a production company founded by Paul Ireland and Damian Hill in 2013. We sit uniquely placed in the Australian film industry as our focus lies on true independent projects free from restraints often associated with larger collaborations. Their work can become sanitised, redundant and bland, ours will remain edgy, memorable and original.


Our focus is to tell a compelling, poignant and layered story that will move and entertain. To transport our audience into another world and make them laugh and cry. To engage. To empathise. To witness.


Our cinematic style will only heighten the emotional situations for the characters, with extreme close ups and shots always on actors reactions. This gives the actor nowhere to hide, so that only the truth of the situation will be on the screen.


Every time a person watches a film produced by Toothless Pictures, they’ll know what to expect.

The unexpected.

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